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MIRCC July 5th Monthly meeting

 The next regular MIRCC Board meeting is scheduled for July 5th at 10:00 am location will be announced prior to the meeting 


This posting is courtesy of Elizabeth Hill:

MIR Property Owners:

Your action is needed immediately.   You can greatly influence our chances of getting FEMA funding.   The President of the United States is coming to Washington State this Tuesday April 22nd to see what is going on in Oso.   Keep in mind what we heard from county and state officials who attended our MIR meeting yesterday - right now we have a 50/50 chance of getting FEMA funding.

We all need to do several things between this moment and Monday night.    Please do the following:

Help us help you

Dear Community Members,
We are striving to communicate better and more efficiently with all our members.
Melissa Bailey has expressed a wish to donate her time in helping gather email addresses and phone numbers of all community members. Please email her at MJBailey69@gmail.com  with your full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number. If possible, please include your parcel numbers so that MIR can update all the information and better communicate with everyone.
Thank you!
Melissa Bailey

From the Department of Emergency Management

The message below is going out right now to the community via Reverse 911, part of our advanced warning strategy.   Feel free to forward via email as you see fit.  (It is written phonetically, per the needs of the software, so forgive the way it may read).  The goal here is to make sure people call 911 for “emergencies” and (if they choose to leave), that they can call 211 for non-emergency assistance such as temporary shelter or food via our coordinating partners… 211 would route them to the Red Cross or other local volunteer organizations.

New Website Coming...

Dear Friends,
There are now enough issues with the website that we need to do a major upgrade.  The current website has served us pretty well for the last five years with an up time of over 99%.

I'll be working on creating a new website over the next month and hope to have something released in beta form by April 1.

Geology/Engineer Report

Attached is the geology report for the landslide.

This report was prepared for the PUD.  Although members of the board were present, they did not order nor pay for this report.

Landslide Evaluation by GeoEngineers/PUD

On January 15, 2014, Craig Erdman of GeoEngineers met with Mark Flury from Public Utility District No. 1 of Snohomish County on-site at his request to discuss overall conditions and initial impressions regarding the recent landslide that has impacted the hairpin curve on the private road that serves as access to PUD owned real property and overhead power facilities. Representatives of the State Emergency Management Office, and Steven Slaughter from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources were present as well as representatives of Mount Index Riversites Community Club (MIRCC) (Mark Bollman and Lynne Kelly).

MIRCC claims ownership and maintenance responsibility for the private road.

The site is in an area where geologic units consist of granodiorite bedrock overlain by glaciolacustrine

deposits. The glaciolacustrine deposits consist of silt and clay with variable sand content and occasional

Economic Injury Disaster

I have been in contact with:
Mark Tobert

Landslide continues at top of Sunset Falls

Click here to see a current road work report from the President

Click here to read the GeoEngineers report - an evaluation of the landslide.

10:30am 2/22/2014: Road is completely impassable. It is very difficult to even walk past the slide area. Feel free to send in your road dues as early as you like! Use your amount from last year as a guideline... No need to wait for your bill:

Our meetings

If you experience technical difficulties with this site please send an email to blynnekelly@msn.com. You are always welcome to attend our next meeting, scheduled on the first Saturday of the month at 9 am at the Index Fire Station. Watch for updates on our website because a meeting is occasionally bumped a week due to holidays or community events. We will do our very best to post notices of meeting changes due to inclement weather or road conditions. Safety first! Lynne Kelly

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