Effective Dec 01: E-Section gate access device or code needed to exit green gate

Please be aware that starting the first of December, the green gate on the access road from US-2 to Canyon Falls Bridge will no longer open for vehicles to exit when they approach it. Instead, gate access devices or keypad codes will be required to open the gate. 
Gate clickers are available at this time to property owners by contacting MIRCC at mircc@mountindexriversites.com.

Gate ingress and egress

Hi Ben;

Being a member of the BOD and on the Access Road committee and having had some input into the decision to change the exit arrangement at the gate, I feel I need to reply to your message.

At both the September and October meetings these changes to the gate were discussed. That is reflected in the meeting minutes.

As most folks who live and visit regularly up here know, a number of individuals who do not own property in MIR have been entering the community by using a piece of metal to trigger the gate open, from the exit side of the gate. This has been observed and recorded on video. I, personally, do not want people in here who do not have a legitimate reason for being here.

Common sense tells me that in the extremely unlikely event that someone is exiting the gate without an access device (how did they get in in the first place?)they will either 1) call who they were visiting, 2) return to the owner they were visiting to get what they forgot or 3) call one of the numbers posted on the gate shack. No one is going to sit in front of the gate blocking ingress and egress without trying to deal with the situation some other way. I do not see it in any way as a safety issue.

Eventually, when most owners have clickers, egress will become even more of a streamlined event.

I believe you are aware that MIR has not collected any road maintenance assessments for two years in order to keep owner assessments low while we are paying for the new bridge. Current maintenance is on a volunteer basis. I personally have filled potholes, with others, three times since October. We will be doing it again on Tuesday. Even with that I think the roads are in as good as shape as ever, at this time of year.

Your input and expertise is always appreciated. At the time the gate was being installed and updated I believe you were asked to contribute opinions on designs and options.

As it has always been, MIR is a volunteer organization. We volunteers are only trying to maintain as safe and friendly community as we can and every decision we make is carefully examined by all board members with the community's best interests in mind.

Thank you,

Mark Haenlein

Gate ingress and egress

Mark. Thanks for taking the time to address my concerns and points of interest. I disagree with some of your conclusion, and would prefer to respond more fully in the near future. Please expect an organized and more formal, pointed response to your note.

Seems like a simple and good idea.

Could be wrong but I believe the idea behind this is to eliminate using scrap metal as an entry key. There is one publicly posted video of this occurring.

two way gate authentication- Very BAD and flawed idea

Mark, Earl, and the BOD. What possible improvement is this going to make in traffic flow? It does absolutely nothing for safety and security, and in fact, creates a safety issue. If someone who gets to the gate with an inttention of exiting, and does not have a code, forgot or lost the code as in a visitor, they will be sitting in front of the gate for an indefinite amount of time blocking exit and entry. If they want to get out, are you suggesting and supposing that folks will make them stay in the site because they don't have credentials to get out??? All this does is slow down the egress from our site and does nothing to increase the security in our site. You guys continue to shoot from the hip without any professional support or input. Having done many gated communities, I have experience and practice doing this kind of entrance and exit design. As noted repeatedly, your design is flawed and does not meet some of the national standards for safety, security and traffic flow. This is an accident waiting to happen, and I advise you all to rethink your whole approach to this gate functionality. When are we going to start maintaining the roads in a passable manner?? Instead of all of these knee jerk reactions to what you folks seem to think are security issues, why aren't you performing your basic charter, which is providing us with passable roads like is suggests in the bylaws?

What is the reason for this inconvenience???

What is the purpose and how is this going to benefit us?

The free ride is over.

It might send a message to the law-defying elements that we don't want them here.

We have too many people living here that are working AND living in groups AND getting money from the state.

Unlicensed contractor types, people who drive without a license or insurance + wood thieves, drug users/buyers are rampant here.

Your property values are not going to go up with these characters running the wheels off their cars/trucks.

Maybe when they leave it will be friendlier too.