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Welcome to MIRCC





Welcome to the Mount Index Riversites Community Club (MIRCC) website. We have provided a number of  links we hope you find helpful.


Through our web pages, you can learn more about the MIRCC Board of Directors and read monthly meeting minutes. You can view a map of the entire community, read important documents, and view classified advertisements posted by community members.  You can respond to our polls and add comments to our forums discussions. Please abide by our policy of no anonymous postings - include your full name or it will be removed.

The MIR community is diverse in many ways. The Board of Directors strives to be a positive force for building a strong sense of community, and we welcome communications from those we serve. You may contact us via our e-mail address which is mircc@mountindexriversites.com.  Please include your lot number(s) and an e-mail address or telephone number in order for us to reply to you.

Thank you again for visiting our web pages.  We hope the information provided is useful to you.

MIRCC Board of Directors